oVio360™ Technology

Introducing the oVio360™ interactive video technology that documents patient before-and-after surgical results with ease and absolute precision. For the first time in medical history, there is an advanced technology that can capture a dynamic image and create a Digital Health Profile (DHP) that you and your patient can view together. The oVio360™ is easily installed into your practice by our qualified team.

The oVio360™ is a technology and software solution invented by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller, a world-renowned leader in his field. It creates a dynamic, volumetric 360 degree video image of a patient that can be taken before a procedure, and periodically thereafter, to precisely deliver images for exact comparisons over time.

A revolutionary patient imaging technology:
* Provides a dynamic and flawless 360 degree before-and-after view of face and body movement within the treatment area.
* Archived images are an excellent reference tool that will help manage and maintain reasonable and realistic patient expectations.

Experience the wonder of oVio360™:
* Critical for ALL patient consultations
* Dramatically enhances patient satisfaction
* Precise before-and-after comparisons for better clinical evaluation
* HIPAA compliant
* User technician friendly

Powered by a patented system that captures hundreds of high resolution images compiled into a digital 360 degree video image, oVio360™ is an immersive interactive experience. The oVio360™ is a major advance in assisting surgeons or patient consultants in precisely displaying and explaining aesthetic procedures to both current and prospective patients. The oVio360™ experience will encourage prospective patients to make decisions to schedule surgeries or cosmetic treatments, and make prior results clear and satisfying to patients who have completed procedures.

oVio360™ Technology